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Gaming Keyboard MotoSpeed K70 - USB Wired 7 Color Backlit

Basic Information
Color: black with colorful LED
material: high strength ABS plastic
USB cable length: approx. 140cm / 55.1 F. "
Keyboard size: Approx. 44x14x2.2sm / 17 "and X5.5x0.87 words"
cover Maximum load: 50 ± 8 GB
Key minimum stability: ≤ 10g
Key life: 10,000,000 times
Maximum current: 500 mA
7 key that do not conflict with the strike
backlit power switch, can open or close the backlight
All on the “core” of the waterproof, triple protection design
button backlight design, with colorful light
high jumping silicone design, up to 10 million views
The keyboard adopts new ABS plastic raw materials, anti-riot, anti-fall
reinforced braided cable with faster data transfer rate and no rocking ability
laser inscribed letters, long lasting, never fade
Operating system: Windows 7/8 // XP / Vista / Mac OS (10.2.8) or higher
The kit includes:
1x USB wired gaming keyboard
1x manual
1x certificate

350 ГРН
Gaming Keyboard MotoSpeed K70 - USB Wired 7 Color Backlit


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